3D CNC milling - from 1 to 100+ finished parts in 3-6 days

We offer CNC milling on industrial machining centres with 3 and 4 axes. We manufacture complex parts that require high tolerances. We specialize in the processing of aluminum and titanium.

Thanks to our experience and modern software, we can focus on optimizing production processes in order to save costs and time. High Speed Machining (HSM) is our absolute standard.

Our machine tools allow you to produce short and long series while maintaining high repeatability and compliance with specifications. We carry out quality control, thanks to which we are sure that the final product meets the expectations.

frezowanie cnc

Solid carbide milling cutters used in CNC 3DForce milling

CNC Milling with 3DForce

We produce CNC milled elements - from simple to complex - usually in 3 to 6 working days. Whether it's 1 or 100 parts, our advanced CNC machining process is designed for high performance and speed. We have everything to achieve your satisfaction - materials, technologies and modern machinery. Each of the parts will be subjected to quality control immediately after its production.

When quality, time and price are of essence for you, choose 3DForce. We will deliver you the parts you need.

Hass VF2-SS (2018) is one of the CNC machine tools in the 3DForce tool shop.

What is CNC milling?

During CNC machining, a solid piece of material is clamped to the milling table. It is from it that subsequent layers are machined, which allows to create the intended shape. At 3DForce we use high-performance 3-axis milling machines equipped with fast-rotating spindles, advanced measuring equipment and top-class tooling. Thanks to this and the appropriate HSM (High Speed Machining) software, production is fast and the parts have a very good surface quality. The wide range of production materials allows you to choose the right one for your product. CNC milling also allows to maintain very high tolerances. Learn more about CNC milling..

Machined materials

We specialize in the processing of aluminum and titanium. However, we offer many other materials - both metals and plastics.

Check the full list of materials and their properties.


We are capable of providing tolerances of 0.01 mm..

Our capabilities

  • Maximum workpiece height 700 mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight 1500 kg
  • Maximum workpiece size 400x500 mm.

Machine park

3DForce has a modern machine park. Here are some of our machines:

  • Haas VM-2, year 2019 - CNC mmachining centre
  • Haas VF-2 SS, year 2018 - universal CNC machining centre
  • Fadal VMC 3016 HighTorque - universal CNC machining centre with increased Y-axis travel
  • Electric spindles with 60 000 RPM for microcutting, engraving, etc.

Did you know?

Your part are being made in our company located in the picturesque Szczecin. 3DForce is a place where customers' needs find their answer in the form of a modern machine park. Thanks to a flexible approach, we are gradually building the history of our company.

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